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Would you like to complete a Membership Application here on-line and e-mail it to us?  

To do that, it requires the free Adobe Reader X (Adobe Reader 10 is available from Adobe free) or above.  You can download it free by clicking on this link, Free Adobe Reader X.

After Installing Free Adobe Reader X, follow these instructions.  You can download the Membership Application and save it to your desktop. Then follow the instructions below.

  You can print these instructions by clicking on the print link
on the right above.

  1.  Open the Membership Application form PDF with adobe
        Reader X.
  2.  Click the large "Sign" button on the  toolbar near the upper-
        right corner of the window.
  3. Click  "Add Text" in the Sign pane to open the Add Text dialog        box.  Click in the PDF form where you want to insert your data
       and then click to select the font from the drop-down list such
       as "Helvetica".
  4. Enter your data.  Continue clicking the form fields and entering
      your text.
  5. Click the "File" menu, mouse over "Save As" and then click
      "PDF" to open the dialog box.  Click a file location for the Save
      In field, such as your desktop.  Type the filename in the field.
      Click "Save".  Your completed form is ready to print or e-mail.




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