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Space City R/C sends out a newsletter monthly, highlighting news from the organization.  Past copies of the newsletters have been archived on the server.  They can be viewed by clicking on the month you desire to view below.  Newsletters are archivied as  Mar12,  Apr12,  May12,  Jun12,  Jul12,  Aug12, Sep12, Oct12, Nov12, Dec12, Jan13, Feb13, Mar13, Apr13, May13, Jun13, Jul13, Aug13, Oct13, Nov13, Dec13, Jan14, Feb14, Mar14, April 14, May 14, Jun 14, Jul 14, Aug 14, Sep 14, Oct14 , Nov14, Dec14, Jan15, Feb15 , Mar15, Apr15, May15, Jun15, Jul15, Aug15, Sep15, Oct15 , Nov15, Dec15 , Jan16, Feb16, Mar16, Apr16 May16,  Jul16, Aug16, Oct16Dec16 and Jan17.   The May17 newsletter is shown below.

May 2017 P-1

May 2017 P-2

May 2017 P-3

May 2017 P-4


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