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Tip from John Blackmon


Having been a verrrry long time member of this club and wanting to lay out a concept for an individual wanting to learn to fly RC as a hobby, I feel there is a need to have info available as to the efficient way for a prospective pilot to make his goal happen. This article is to articulate that pathway and hopefully culminate with the pilot learning to fly with a minimum of time and cost, allowing him to go forward into this great hobby.  more...

Tip from John Blackmon

No matter what type of rc plane you are flying, be it gas or glow or electric, or even a glider, Remember that if it can’t hear your transmitter, it is bound to crash into Mother Earth, sooner or later. Always check your on board battery voltage with at least a 300 mah load imposed by the meter prior to making that first flight. That means the transmitter battery, the engine ignition battery, the electric motor battery, anything that stores electricity. There are no charging stations at 250 feet up and ¼ mile away to save your butt because you did not do a flight check prior to takeoff. Your illustrious Treasurer (ask me how I know)








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